Welcome To My Online Store!
Welcome To My Online Store!
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2019 Business Baseline

2019 Business Baseline

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Business Baseline is an amazing 8-week course that walks you through how I essentially make money online. I break down the barriers of branding and marketing and show you how to create content that sticks, content that creates community, and ultimately how to turn like and views into dollars and cents!

We're starting Wednesday, 11/6 at 9PM EST in our virtual classroom!

Questions: Darius@DariusCooks.Com


Investment: Look at the initial cost of the course as the capital it'll take to really catapult your ideas and dreams into reality!

The Work: You'll get real life challenges that force you to sit down and do the work. Plus, you'll get a chance to look inside my business to see how we get it done!

SupportIt's hard. I get it. But, we'll get through it together. You'll have access to our private Facebook group and we'll do group coaching each week. I'm here to make sure WE get through it together.

SuccessThis is the ultimate goal. I'm committed to doing what it takes to make sure what you see when you close your eyes becomes your reality...in real life!