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Dining With DariusCooks: 2021 Mini Tour

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Same dinner party. Same vibes. New Year! Plus, I'll need the practice for 2022 :-). 

Here's the fine print: you'll get an email the week of the event. That email will have all the details you'll need pertaining to the event. The location remains a secret until the morning of your event. To plan ahead, please note the dinner party starts at 7PM exactly. It usually ends around 9:30PM. I'll do my best to locate a beautiful home centrally located in your city. Sometimes, that's hard. So, we'll do the best we can to find a convenient home for the dinner party.

There are 7 courses. Bring your Tupperware and your stretchy pants! There's usually a fish dish, beef dish, chicken dish, and a few other goodies. I'll be sure to limit the use of pork, tree nuts, and most of common allergens. You can always pick around something or omit the course all together. 

If you ever have any questions, shoot me an email: darius@dariuscooks.com.

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